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Everywhere that Mary Went
    There were legends in our part of town, ghost stories you tell each other on the school yard that everyone believes longer than they should. Ridiculous, maybe, but even the adults were in on it. Striking terror like Stephen King was better than the grim alternative: seeking the real reason behind all the gruesome murders.
    Every month, around the same time, with the careful rhyme and reason of a mother goose poem, someone was found murdered in their bed. A bloody mess under the sheets, mutilated and barely recognizable. Marks on their bodies looked like parts of them had been chewed, or crushed somehow.
    It wasn’t just anyone, though. Without fail, the victims were never any younger or older than elementary school. Someone had a sick, twisted desire to kill and they were darn good at leaving no traceable tracks in their wake.
    And so it was that the rumor had circulated. New to school in
:iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 2 1
Eleanor Rush by HeartofPoetry Eleanor Rush :iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 3 3 I've Got a Dream by HeartofPoetry I've Got a Dream :iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 3 0 Part of Your World by HeartofPoetry Part of Your World :iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 7 10
Waking To Dream
The haze of mornings lost to waking
through hours kept to bay past night
drifting lids pull lashes raking
nocturnal echo, nature's spite
not life but else I won't acknowledge
see ye I've fallen past repair
sweet brink of time I stand at thy edge
locks kin to cheeks, blushing maiden fair
of Angel I am far discription
yet still insist remarks he so
fuel I for he imagination
fall further down by way to grow
waken from vision enough gain right
to know that I must still be there
muse whos morning confers through the night
thine lips reel head in thoughts I dare
You've not found true love, privileged glorious thing
Till to fall into sleep is to wake from a dream
:iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 4 1
God Gave Me You by HeartofPoetry God Gave Me You :iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 0 0 Fountain by HeartofPoetry Fountain :iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 2 0 Blessed by HeartofPoetry Blessed :iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 0 0 Bellaseth by HeartofPoetry Bellaseth :iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 0 0
Sonnet 4
Some days the time doth seem to slip away
Whilst words you seek to pen thine heart to me
are hard of coming, yet you ne'er do stray
refusing to let promises made flee
fret ye as to your talent in this art
when phrases sought do rather seem to freeze
and ink seems dry to contradict thine heart
struggle not, for through you mine flow with ease
My sweet, doubt not of your abilities
know as I set my glance o'er what you muse
icy fire sparks, which more than doth appease
mine cheeks effect to vary in their hues
Wherefore, ask ye, do I write, who am I inspired to
Mark ye this, love, the answer always: 'only ever you'
:iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 1 0
Do You Remember When...
There are images, moving pictures that repeat like the dvd menu left alone to play on a loop by two people who far from forgot, but just chose to let it go on and on and on. And they play in snippets captured by unforgettable details imprinted permanently in the space God left for her to etch these memories, the space he can get her to open whenever he ask "Do you remember when..." And of course she does. And so does he. But the story isn't the same unless its coming from the pages she harbors in her, stories weaved expertly and instinctively by her tongue, every little thing that could be forgotten recorded eternally remembered. "Do you remember when..."  "Yes. Do you?" "Well... me and my memory... would you mind refreshing it?" He remembers it all. He just wants to hear it from her and be, as always, brought back to that spot time saved so clearly as if he where there again, as only she can illustrate. How can she say no to those eyes. Yes. I remember when.....
:iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 7 10
Awaken yourself, love, to all we face
is dreaming
yet tell me when you have felt so real as this
when blessings reached a test of faith
to form themselves in the lines
of your face
when all was asked and so by and by recieved
in a way most unexpected
with eyes whose depths brought truth
alongside a voice reaffriming extraneousness of doubt
lips which speaks volumes to affirm faith
through an expert absence of words
suspending disbelief in a flight beyond reach
met there high raised by twin hearts in connection
magnetized by the will of the Lord
fires striking encouragement to brave surrounding specuation
and take the chance
to take a hand
to take a life
which now has been remade
an embrace despite a soaking state
of understanding assured by instinctual recognition of the undeniable
through a look here begins days end
as the start of what now is deemed
establishment of infinite everlasting
grins stretch, acting foundations to strong bridges of thosands of miles
merely another lea
:iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 0 6
Dotted Line
I cannot run I never could
an awful lot of late
the realest of realities that may never have happened
the line blurred
I cannot see
or can I
we have come to be the unexpected they've been taught not to accept
I have chosen blind acceptance of my own truth
found mirrored in your infinity
then explain why I see you clear as days you've left me in
from miles across seas of state
who to ask
no opinion to gain from those who never saw
behind locked doors
for reasons
the door locked
and you beamed
the door locked
and we met
the door locked
and we opened
and we melded once again
I found you then but more than that
I found myself through loosing
and how I felt the breeze the salt the ocean
freedom, freedom, freedom
elevated fall
I never knew
greater judgement than God comes from his sons and daughters
we write stories
is this why  I always argued the validity of fiction
was that foreshadow greater cast to me
by you
I cannot blame you for anything but
the sweet that stings
:iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 0 0
The Pirate and the Fairy Queen
Long upon a winters day , pale moonlight shades of grey
A garden tea of autumn chill, long gone days of short lost thrill
a search invalid and in vain the pirate king of queenly pain
the vampires left her cold and wanting to keep up search no matter daunting
this pirate queen a girl unfolded into questions thought contorted
a flag of fear a flag of truce she held in vain her search no use
till she found whence you look the least your empty platter holds a feast
Lonley pillar, Pirate Queen
she came upon a fairy ball where friends shed known did come to call
each morning at the break of day but still she felt they slipped away
then the smallest of them caught her eye and something in her strayed goodbyes
the sweet hello of hesitence was met by swift spoke elegance
adventure had she met for years, but never like this, never here
her home port most held lamentation but not in this here conversation
the brethren court met that weeks end, so the pirate asked her to attend
An invitation, come
:iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 2 10
Your Captain by HeartofPoetry Your Captain :iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 1 10 Spitting Image by HeartofPoetry Spitting Image :iconheartofpoetry:HeartofPoetry 27 33


Star really can't cook by frostedpuffs Star really can't cook :iconfrostedpuffs:frostedpuffs 779 81 Nico by emmilinne Nico :iconemmilinne:emmilinne 328 22 Her Percy by compoundbreadd Her Percy :iconcompoundbreadd:compoundbreadd 186 6 Tale as Old as Time by compoundbreadd Tale as Old as Time :iconcompoundbreadd:compoundbreadd 300 4 Happily Ever After by compoundbreadd Happily Ever After :iconcompoundbreadd:compoundbreadd 1,294 33 Something There by compoundbreadd Something There :iconcompoundbreadd:compoundbreadd 1,889 51 What're Ya' Readin'? by Trounced What're Ya' Readin'? :icontrounced:Trounced 4,133 375 STARCO Deep Hug by xAlyaHx STARCO Deep Hug :iconxalyahx:xAlyaHx 742 36 Starco Child - Redesigned 1 by MarionetteJ2X Starco Child - Redesigned 1 :iconmarionettej2x:MarionetteJ2X 317 38 Starco: Hearts by Otakuofeverything Starco: Hearts :iconotakuofeverything:Otakuofeverything 1,308 238 Starco by sudako888 Starco :iconsudako888:sudako888 903 19 Movie Night (Starco #2) by Otakuofeverything Movie Night (Starco #2) :iconotakuofeverything:Otakuofeverything 2,092 204 Beast-Prince Adam - Difficult by DoomyMouse Beast-Prince Adam - Difficult :icondoomymouse:DoomyMouse 1,183 272 PJO: Percico by LarynDawn PJO: Percico :iconlaryndawn:LarynDawn 146 28
1:05 AM
I'm lying here looking at you in the darkness an moonlight
soft smile, you're deeply asleep
nobody knows we share my bed, now your sheets have been straight for a month
and I wouldn't have it any other way
your eyes, your smile, they'll save my soul
I can feel it, now you wait and see...
but no one knows that I feel this way
so just hold onto my hand and we'll walk
please just take my hand and let's walk for a while...
you're the only one who understands, and I love you more than life
We share our hair's color, your eyes are a bit different than mine
I'm good at looking into them when I need to
and you always look back into my soul
..everything you do is beautiful, but I'd never tell you to your face...
so tonight here I lay in my bed that's now ours
watching this peaceful display
to all the world my feelings aren't known, I'll never let them know
I'll protect you this I're the life within me and my breath
sweet little brother of mine
:iconask-jeff:Ask-Jeff 16 19
Sister and Brother Young by TheBalloonMan Sister and Brother Young :icontheballoonman:TheBalloonMan 41 15


    There were legends in our part of town, ghost stories you tell each other on the school yard that everyone believes longer than they should. Ridiculous, maybe, but even the adults were in on it. Striking terror like Stephen King was better than the grim alternative: seeking the real reason behind all the gruesome murders.

    Every month, around the same time, with the careful rhyme and reason of a mother goose poem, someone was found murdered in their bed. A bloody mess under the sheets, mutilated and barely recognizable. Marks on their bodies looked like parts of them had been chewed, or crushed somehow.

    It wasn’t just anyone, though. Without fail, the victims were never any younger or older than elementary school. Someone had a sick, twisted desire to kill and they were darn good at leaving no traceable tracks in their wake.

    And so it was that the rumor had circulated. New to school in third grade, I first heard word of it during my first recess there. I’d made friends easily with a kid named Jeremy, who talked to me through the whole class and had to pull his behavior card twice because of it. When the bell rang, he had me trail him out to a shady area by the corner of the fence where a group of kids I assumed were his other friends sat too.

    “Hey Billy, hey Jerome. So this is Michael. Michael’s new in town. He doesn’t know about… you know.” He shot an eyebrow wiggling glare at his buddies, who smirked and looked at me like fresh meat.

    “Aw man, you can’t live in Shoreline and not know about… you know.” The one called Billy said.

    I didn’t know. Soon, though, I would.

    The three of them jumped into a seemingly choreographed, graphic storytelling of child murder. I wasn’t too phased, it honestly just seemed like an elaborate scare-tactic people do to haze the new kid.

    “So no one’s figured it out. No one knows who's up to it, or WHAT’S up to it for that matter.” Jeremy whispered, sitting cross-legged and leaning towards me. “Some kids think it’s like that movie where the dude kills you in your dreams. But we know what’s really up. A couple years back, this one girl, well, it happened to her brother and she saw the whole thing. Isn’t that right, Jerome.”

    “Yup. Anna Horvitz. She woke up in the middle of the night, heard some weird noises coming from her brothers room. Like loud eating sounds, demonic noises, man. So she went to check it out. And what did she see, Billy?”

    “Mary.” He said this with a serious, dead-pan expression. “And a couple months later, it was Anna who got gone.”

    Ok, now I knew this was a joke. “Bloody Mary? Seriously? Guys, we had this at my old school. It kept the girls out of their bathroom for almost a whole week last year. You had me going for a minute, but that’s so stupid. I’m not falling for that.”

    Jeremy stopped me then. “Michael, no, you don’t get it. Not Bloody Mary. Mary like in the nursery rhyme. You know, like Mary had a little lamb? You’ve heard that before, right?”

    Now I was really confused. How could that, even in the wildest circumstance, sound threatening. A bedtime story I was too old for by the time I was, like, six. I mean, you’d think if you were trying to scare the paste out of the new kid you’d pick something scarier than a girl in a bonnet and her fuzzy pet lamb.

    “Yeah, sure guys. Real funny.” I was getting a little tired of this, and was getting up to leave. The end of recess bell would probably ring soon anyways.

    “We’re serious.” Jeremy said, more solemn than an eight-year-old should look. “She comes to your house. And the lamb… it’s not like a regular lamb. It eats people. That’s how she keeps going, we think. They feed off the power of one kid a month. Some crazy demon energy thing. This isn’t a joke.”

    “You gotta believe us.” Billy said, looking at me the same way Jeremy was. I glanced at Jerome, to see if he was breaking their cover, but his eyes bore into me the same way.


    “Because, if you don’t? That’s when she gets you.”




            Around two weeks later, I had learned to fit in easily. The leaves had begun to fall, and it was beautiful here. I’d stuck around with the same group of friends, and we got along great, but they still hadn’t stopped pretending to be scared for my life. Apparently, it had been almost a month since the last murder. They were convinced I was next.

            This didn’t bother me, even a little bit, other than being a little annoying. I was safe, curled up under my spiderman bed sheets as the fall chill blew against the window panes. I was close, so close to sleep, when it started.

            All the sound in the room de-crescendoed, like someone had turned down the volume on life. As the sound went down, the brightness of my room began to illuminate, as if the moonlight outside was getting brighter. But the light didn’t come from my window. It came from my door.

            Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.

            A glowing specter, white and luminescent, roughly the shape of a sheep stood in my doorway. It’s legs were mangled backwards and it floated slowly with an awkward gait. It’s head tilted permanently to the side. My scream did not make noise.

            It followed her to school one day, which was against the rules. It made the children laugh and play to see the lamb at school.

            Jeremy, Jerome, Billy. They hadn’t been wrong. And I knew that they would never be able to see me again to say ‘I told you so.’ The lamb was frozen in its tracks, as if unable to move forward.

            And so the teacher turned it out, but still it lingered near, and waited patiently about, till Mary did appear.

    Behind the lamb figure, a little girl emerged. Little girl in the loosest sense of the word. Her eyes were hollow, her glow depleted and grey. She needed nourishment, spirit energy. Then, it came to me. It was like being in a dream, where you don’t know how you know something, you just do. I knew that’s exactly what the lamb was for. Somehow, it was connected to her. A child herself, it was the spirits of other children she needed to keep going. I was nothing more than food. The lamb lived for her, and in turn she cared for it. They floated through the specter world together, keeping each other alive.

    This realization was my last sentient thought. The last thing that went through my head before I looked into the dilapidated girls waning face as she mouthed two words. “Goodbye, Michael.”


            “Why does the lamb love Mary so?” the eager children cry; “Why, Mary loved the lamb, you know”, the teacher did reply.


Captain Elizabeth (Bella) Turner
United States
Why is the box so small? I cannot begin to describe myself. I preceive people very well . I have my fair share of problems but enjoyhelping others over come theirs. To me tehre is nothing better than friends and havinga good enough time to forget what's on you mindwhen you are with them. Live how you wish and how you feel. Scream your feelings and be all you can becasue there shouldn't be a single day of regret of not doing enough. Share your talents with the world.
I <3 Pirates of the Caribbean
and am the world's #1 fan forever and always
I <3 My cousin Joel (THE MOST)
More than is probably healthy. I don't honestly know how to describe these, but they fill me with a passion for life and adventure that not much else can. Yes, I know that my obsession with freedom and piracy and POTC seems unbeleivable , but in the end if it keeps you looking forward to the 'light that comes off of your sails' then why not? I can't fully write the feeling I get or why I love them more than anything but my cousin (who is always at the top), but hey. I try ;) Plus this is DA PEOPLE UNDERSTAND HERE!!!

WILLABETH FOREVER. (2nd movie = the movie that doesn't exist and the 3rd follows that very close)
The first one is my life body and soul. In all honosty. It has made me who I am today and will be for my future. The 4th one is fantastic as well. I cannot even describe how full it has made my life or the life it has made my life.... that made sense in my brain.

I am not the best artist, I know that. But I do it because it's fun, and I'm getting better. And I don't need to prove I'm the worlds biggest fan to anyone because that's just a fact. But drawing sometimes helps to show that, and so I try.

My person is made of some similar personality/interests of Rapunzel, adventure and bravery of Jim Hawkins, cunningness and weird ability to get out of anything and just over all Captainness of Captain Jack, the piratey longing with a strong romantic side and general character in all of Elizabeth Swann, and never grow up attitude of Peter Pan. That's me in a nutshell, just how I would describe myself.


:ahoy: Just bring me that horizon <3. :ahoy:

Current Residence: Wherever the water of life's adventure take me that day
Favourite genre of music: Folky and classical and Soundtracks
Favourite photographer: Austin Rae Doty
Favourite style of art: Fanart
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch or my cd player shaped like Captain JAck's compass
Shell of choice: sand dollar
Wallpaper of choice: Pandas holding beach balls
Skin of choice: Will Turners. What, who said that?...
Favourite cartoon character: Bartok the Magnificent :D
Personal Quote: "Bring me that horizon..."
Hey guys I wanted to apologize for being a nonexistent hemrit for a forever long time... I'm trying to get back into drawing and all that again and there is some stuff from forever ago that I still haven't put here and I really need to get on that. To mull over the awkward and break the ice so to speak to, I'm putting up a quick 5 minute sketch of Jelsa so that maybe the angry mob is less intense. I promise you'll be seeing me here :)

Look forward to catching up!!!
  • Listening to: Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?
  • Reading: Book Theif
  • Watching: Frozen
  • Playing: around with art supplies
  • Eating: eggs nahm nahm nahm



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